Learn Ways to Increase Your Online Visibility and Grow Your Local Business

I don’t have to tell you how important it is to have an online presence. We “google” so much it has become a verb! The goal is to provide your business with online visibility so that you can reach potential customers – whether they are searching on Google or social media.

First, let’s talk about why online visibility is essential. Thousands of people may need your services, but do they know how to find you online?

So, how can potential customers find you?

Sixty-five percent of consumers changed their opinion about a brand after their online search

Ninety-six percent were influenced by online visibility when making a purchase. 

The Internet has become the first point of contact for consumers. 

Online visibility refers to how much attention or awareness your business has online. 

With online visibility, you can attract new first-time visitors, expand the loyalty of your customers, and reinforce your company’s brand and reputation. 

The Internet has become the great equalizer. Now, you don’t just have a few competitors within your 25-mile radius. You have dozens more.

It’s time to outshine your competition – Here are the five ways to increase your online visibility!

1) Check your Listings 

Did you know that 63 percent of consumers will only use a business if they find correct information online?

How accurate and consistent are your listings? 

Are you making sure all listings lead to your website or landing page? 

Do you update your holiday hours? 

2) Improve Your website

Is your website the center of your digital marketing? All of your marketing should drive traffic to your website. Your online listings should include a link to your website, your ads should connect to your website, and your social media posts should encourage people to visit your website. 

Everything you do should reinforce your brand. 

Keep in mind your website needs to be mobile-friendly. It needs to communicate why a potential customer would choose you and not your competitor and make it easy for your visitors to contact you.

If you do not have a clickable phone number and email, you should add this immediately!

3) Ask for Client Reviews 

You can never have too many positive reviews. 

A Google Business Profile is essential to online visibility, so if you have yet to claim your free page, do this right away. Once you have a profile, you can give your customers a link to leave a Google review or put a direct link on your website in your newsletter and social media. Make it easy for your customers to leave a review by providing a link to your Google business profile or directing them to your Facebook page. Be sure to display your reviews proudly on your website. Finally, make sure you respond to reviews – especially the negative ones! 

You can also put a direct link on your website, your newsletter, and social media. 

4) Use Social Media to Reinforce Your Brand

Social media is an extension of your business. Make your posts interesting, timely, and consistent, and stay true to your brand. 

For example, our audiologist client uses video posts to show patients how to change a hearing aid battery. 

Most importantly, use digital ads to grow your followers – Unfortunately, not all your followers see your Facebook posts. It is estimated to be about 10 percent. 

Use digital advertisement to increase your reach. When you use social media ads with search and display ads, you will reach your potential customers wherever they are (searching, surfing, or on social media).

5) Your SEO

Improve your content so that it ranks higher on Google for relevant keywords.

Remember, “Content is King.” This means creating helpful, informative blog posts, infographics, and other types of content that answer your customers’ questions. 

Your website will show up consistently in the search engine results by having the best content, the best user experience, and the most authority, 

1. Use each page of your website to tell Google what you do. Do this by using text, images, or video to explain your services in detail.

2. Make sure your website provides a great user experience. It should work well on mobile devices, load quickly, and be free of significant mistakes. 

3. Improving Google’s perception of the importance of your site. Google views links from one page or website to another as digital votes of confidence. You must earn your links! You do this by writing high-quality content that people choose to reference and link.


Remember Google loves itself, so use as many Google products as possible! 

Corbec Media specializes in marketing for small businesses.


  • Start-ups who need complete branding & marketing
  • Businesses who want to increase their visibility
  • Nonprofits who need to create awareness for
  • Associations that want to increase membership

Profile: Keep your Google Business Profile fresh by adding new photos, obtaining reviews, and posting at least once every two weeks. 

Analytics– anyone’s website can appear on a Google search, from mom-and-pop shops to major corporations. You can gain an edge by distinguishing your brand from your competition.

Digital Ads – Of course, advertising on Google affects your SEO. You are spending advertising dollars with the company that is #1 in search engines. 

YouTube– (owned by Google) – video rules! No longer a” how to” site, YouTube is now a television platform. Increase your presence on YouTube with videos, and include SEO in your descriptions!

Corbec Media can help you with everything outlined in this guide. We can dramatically increase your visibility and drive more leads to your business.


Corbec Media specializes in marketing for small businesses. 

  • We love small business!
  • We enjoy helping businesses promote their brand and tell their story
  • We offer personalized attention and customized marketing plans tailored to your needs and budget!
  • Our mission is to be AFFORDABLE, ACCOUNTABLE, and AVAILABLE.

Corbec Media specializes in marketing for small businesses.


  • Start-ups who need complete branding & marketing
  • Businesses who want to increase their visibility
  • Nonprofits who need to create awareness for
  • Associations that want to increase membership

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