How Current Is Your Website Content?

Does your website contain outdated or inaccurate content and broken links? Do you know the difference between “evergreen” and topical content? Are you aware of which type of content is better for your social media? The goal of your blog or website content should be to answer questions, solve problems, and show that you are a trusted, valuable resource for information. Is your blog or website content living up to those tasks? 

Evergreen or Topical Content? You need both.

“Evergreen” content never goes out of date. Evergreen social media and blogs take more time to create; however, it is worth your investment because it only takes one well-written post to drive traffic to your website and social media for years. Examples of evergreen content include “How To” Guides. Guides on “How to Knot a Tie” or “How to Spot a Cardinal,” for example, probably won’t change dramatically over the coming years. However, a guide detailing “How to Pay Your Cell Phone Bill From Your Phone” may change over time. 

… it only takes one well-written post to drive traffic to your website and social media for years.

Because the market is continually changing, topical content is equally important. You know best what is happening in your industry. Utilize your content to show off your expertise. 

Offering Lagniappe on Your Website

Provide information that buyers can’t find on every other business’s site. For example, a Realtor might create an e-Book on an evergreen subject such as “The Complete Home Buying Guide for Gen X and Millennials,” ( This e-Book provides valuable information and graphics to explain the process of buying a home.


With an e-book like this one, a realtor could obtain instant leads by requiring readers to provide their contact information in order to download. This strategy works across a large variety of business types and industries. 

Corbec Media offers a Free Guide to Marketing for Small Business Owners.

Your Website Should Answer Questions 

You are expected to have all the answers, so show that you do. Use your blogs or case studies to educate your customers on how your company can solve their issues. If you address the challenges you know your clients will face, you will gain their trust. Our client, Greenup Industries, writes some informative blogs that address facilities management and safety issues, while other blogs serve as project updates.

At Corbec Media, we can tailor your marketing plan to fit your budget. We focus on results-oriented advertising, public relations, and marketing designed to meet our client’s objectives. By building an effective strategy from the ground up, we grow with you. If you or your company would like a new or updated website, printed or digital advertisement, event promotion, or help with reputation management, email us at or schedule your free consultation today. 

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