Real Estate Market Provides Example Of The 3 C’s Of Success

Across the country, real estate agents have had to rethink every aspect of their business models due to COVID-19 and the coronavirus pandemic.  

Instead of a lucrative Spring season, agents are experiencing new challenges as many sellers took the “wait and see” approach as the effects of the virus continue to unfold. 

One thing this pandemic has taught us is how to adjust and learn new ways to do business. Realtors rely on technology than ever before, finding new ways to serve their clients while avoiding face-to-face contact. Virtual appointments, virtual staging, and FaceTime or video tours have become the norm as realtors use creativity, connection, and communication to succeed in these uncertain times.

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In addition to ramping up their presence on social media platforms, realtors are becoming more creative with their email newsletters. You will see embedded videos, polls, and contests that serve to engage prospective buyers. Agents who once relied solely on direct mail are now experimenting with combined formats to ensure their message stands out and remains relevant.


People are longing for things to return to some sense of normalcy, and as realtors, you can help foster a sense of continuity and community in these unpredictable times. Connect with buyers and sellers and be the source of information for what is going on in your area. Share goodwill stories on your website or newsletter about businesses reopening and find ways to celebrate the heroes of the COVID-19 crisis. 

…be the source of information for what is going on in your area.


The realtors who are offering additional information, especially visually and interactively, are appreciated. Stay current on your market research and communicate your findings. By understanding the value and inventory of the homes that buyers want, you will save everyone time. 

During this crisis, people have gained a new appreciation for the value of “home”. After spending weeks inside, a house became more than a place to eat, sleep, and play. While the “stay at home” orders brought families together in many positive ways, they also created an awareness of the need for more space. Add working from home and homeschooling to the mix, and you will understand why backyards, patios, and decks have taken on new meaning.  

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Post-COVID-19 will surely bring a new “normal”, one that is hard to predict. One thing for sure, successful realtors build relationships. If you continue to work hard to satisfy your client’s needs, putting their wellbeing and safety first, your business will continue to grow. 

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