LinkedIn for B2B Growth

If you are business-to-business, you should know how valuable LinkedIn is for creating awareness and online visibility for your company According to Econsultancy, 64 percent of all visits from social media channels to corporate websites come from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is one of the oldest online social platforms. It emerged as a powerful tool to help individuals and companies increase their connections, generate more leads, and promote their brands. 

You can generate brand awareness and sales by optimizing your profile, taking advantage of LinkedIn’s look back and notification system, and applying strategic targeting to grow customer bases and sales pipelines.

Here is a step-by-step guide to achieving successful brand awareness on LinkedIn:

1. Your Personal Brand

People do business with people they trust. The quality and price of your product or service won’t matter if customers don’t like or trust you.

The branding for your company should reflect experience to be deemed trustworthy, while your salespeople should demonstrate reliability.

Your company page and sales staff’s LinkedIn profiles should be approachable without sacrificing professionalism. Let your company page prove the value of your offering; your sales team will then be free to engage potential clients.

2. Make Your Headlines Unique

Try optimizing the header in LinkedIn profiles with an action verb. For example, replacing “Sales at a Financial Institution” with “Saving you money and time” will attract more attention. Have your employees mention the industry they target to get even more specific.

My prospects find me more accessible and encourage me to contact them because my headline gives more information than my job title.

A similar strategy will make you more visible to your customers and give them a better idea of what you can offer.

3. Use Profile Banners 

Your salespeople should also use the banner display on their profiles to advertise your company. This can be as simple as a brand logo or a graphic to outline somebody’s specialties.

Be mindful of how these banners will be formatted for desktop and mobile devices when adding them. The profile picture sits on the desktop’s left side of the banner but is centered on a mobile device. Place your logos or calls to action at the top and slightly above your profile picture with small text or to the right of the image.

4. Use the About Section to Promote Offerings or Media

Did you know LinkedIn allows you to display different media types in your About section? Did you know you can display this media without sacrificing your summary length?

This tool helps you promote exclusive offers, landing pages, video content, white papers, or other marketing material.

The inclusion of various types of media can be beneficial for people in specific industries. 

Potential customers will be more convinced of your legitimacy if presented with a diverse selection of media highlighting your abilities.

LinkedIn users can upload media directly to their profiles or insert a link to another page by selecting the edit icon (the blue pencil) within the About section. You can edit the title and description if you upload a link, but you won’t be able to edit the associated image.

Marketers need to know the importance of retargeting. Use the About section wisely to redirect to engaging content and landing pages. You can then retarget prospects later down the line.

5. Use LinkedIn Look-Back Notifications and Content Engagement

Have you ever received a notification email that alerts you to new views of your profile? You likely have because every profile gets a look-back notification as a default setting.

Use this to your advantage by having your salespeople view your potential buyers.

This strategy lets you get in front of them without seeming too pushy. After all, who prefers to know who’s checking out their profile?

Additionally, if your prospects are active on LinkedIn, you can like and comment on their posts or the posts of people they follow.

This also sends a notification to their email and LinkedIn, creating another avenue for you to catch their eye.

When your target customer sees these notifications, they can be compelled to click on the salesperson’s profile. If optimized correctly, the profile will serve as a free landing page to advertise your products or services.

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