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How Google Business Profile Analytics Helps Your Bottom Line

If you are a small, local business and do not know the power of your free Google Business Profile, Google Business Profile (a/k/a Google My Business), you have come to the right place! When used effectively, your Google Business Profile can effectively help you increase your customer base. Much like a storefront window draws attention from potential customers, your well-maintained business profile will help searchers find your company.

What is Google Business Profile?

With 80 billion visits to Google’s search engine and its products monthly, your profile will certainly increase your business’s online visibility. A complete and verified business profile with updated contact information, photos, and positive customer reviews will also help boost your business’s reputation. By posting updates to your profile, you can highlight your products or services. Local businesses with a 4.0-star rating or higher are more likely to appear higher in Google insights and search results.

Why Your Business Profile Analytics Matter for Local and Small Businesses

Your Google Business Profile acts as a hub for brand awareness, lead generation, and sales. With 78 percent of consumers actively seeking information about local businesses online, optimizing your profile and analyzing the results will allow customers a better chance of finding your company.

It’s crucial to understand how your profile works to make the most of this powerful tool. Here are the top eight Google Business Profile analytics to track:

Total searches 

Tracking total searches helps you determine if your business is appearing in the correct search queries or if you need to add keywords when describing your products or services. Make sure you check on your business category to ensure it best describes your products and services. 

Website clicks 

Website clicks show how well your local SEO (search engine optimization) or targeting efforts are performing. The clicks measure the number of times people click on your website link directly from your Google Business Profile.

Phone calls 

Tracking phone calls can be crucial for businesses that rely on phone inquiries for sales or appointment bookings. If you have a high number of local searches and calls but have low sales, you may want to re-examine your sales strategy.  

Direction requests 

Direction requests show an interest in your physical location and can help you understand where to focus your advertising campaigns and marketing efforts. 

Average rating

Recent studies reveal that 90 percent of internet users check business reviews first, before contacting a business. Reviews are social proof that users should choose your business over your competitors. 

Review count 

The number of reviews on your Google Business Profile, combined with the average rating, helps to assess the trustworthiness of your reviews. 

Top reviews 

Top reviews for businesses with multiple locations offer a bird’s eye view of customer impressions for each location.

Search types 

This metric shows how customers find your business listing, allowing you to adjust your marketing efforts accordingly.

We Create a Comprehensive Google Business Profile Insights Report

Optimizing your Google Business Profile for local search is hard work, but the payoff is  boundless. When you take the time to optimize your profile, you increase the chances of your business appearing in local search results. This will make it easier for potential customers to find you. This increased visibility leads to more foot traffic, social media engagements, website visits, phone calls, and more sales and growth for your business. 

Remember to always provide your customers with a link to your Google profile so that they can  leave a review or embed the Google reviews widget on your website to increase your reviews and your Google ranking. Also, it is important to respond to your reviews, positive and negative. By responding, you show your customers you appreciate their input. How you handle and respond to the Google reviews posted by your customers will directly affect your company’s online reputation and ranking.

Your Comprehensive Google Business Profile Insights Report

To find out how Google Business Profile can benefit your customer engagement and more, schedule your Growth Strategy Call with our creative team at Corbec Media and learn how we can bring your brand to life. We can show you how to optimize your profile and how to analyze the results of your efforts. To learn more, please visit today! 

To find out how Google Business Profile can benefit your customer engagement and more, book your Growth Strategy Call with our creative team at Corbec Media.

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