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Pinterest Remains A Great Tool For Establishing Your Brand

When you last checked the contents of your marketing toolbox, did you remember that old Pinterest account? Pinterest launched in 2010, and although to some, it may be considered dated, in 2020, it gained 100 million monthly active users and boasts 459 million users active on the platform each month.

If you’ve allowed your company account to go inactive or haven’t taken advantage of the platform at all, then you are missing out on a valuable tool to drive a significant market share of users to your website and other social media.

Here are three benefits to keeping up with Pinterest and how it can help further establish your brand.

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1. Pinterest Marketing will drive traffic to your Social Media/Website. 

Once you understand how the Pinterest algorithm works, you will drive qualified traffic to your website. Furthermore, unlike some of the faster-moving platforms, the life of a pin has a long lifespan. Something you pin today may continue to be pinned for years, and that could result in a steady flow of traffic for years to come

2. Pinterest is a way to brand your business. 

Since the platform is visual, you can easily showcase your success stories. These photos will humanize your brand and build trust among your followers – a key to increasing sales. 

3. Show you are a local expert 

Pinterest provides businesses with the opportunity to showcase their local communities. Use your Pinterest page as an opportunity to show the world you know your area better than anyone else. Pinning attractive photos of local establishments, landmarks, and other points of interest is proof that you are in tune with your local community and a local expert.

Pinterest remains a great tool for establishing your brand

Market Research

If you have run out of ideas for creating digital content, search Pinterest for ideas. Try typing in the name of your community and see what comes up. Pinterest also offers its marketing-focused Pinterest Business service, which provides you with analytic tools for examining your audience and helps you discover potential blind spots. 

At Corbec Media, LLC, we can help you identify any potential traffic sources that may be missing in your current marketing plan or assist you in building a more effective strategy from the ground up. We focus on results-oriented advertising, public relations, and marketing designed to meet our client’s objectives. If you or your company would like a new or updated website, printed or digital advertisement, event promotion, or help with reputation management, call Becky Rolland at (504) 236-7919

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