Five Tips on How to Update Your Business Status

Update your status often so that your customers know you are open for business!

The Covid-19 Pandemic caused massive disruptions in how we live our lives. Some businesses did not recover from its effects. There was a lot of confusion about which businesses were open and if they were open, did they require masks to enter their establishments, or was there was only curbside delivery available? Some businesses reduced their hours of operation and others required updates based on city or county ordinances.

Here are five tips to updating your business status:

1. Update Your Website

Example: Estess, CPAs – We installed a red box on Estess, CPAs home page that led to his COVID-19 update.

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2. Update Your Facebook page

Example: AA Screens & Glass, Inc.
We crafted a message for each individual client based on their unique circumstances.

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3. Update Your Google My Business Page – Example: America’s Best Choice Windows. We crafted a COVID-19 update for each business.

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How to Edit your business information


4. Utilize a Press Release to get the word out about your services – Example: Mister Plumber, LLC Corbec Media’s press release led to two television interviews with WVUE and WWL.

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5. Use Digital Advertising to inform people that you are open and ready for business! Examples: Homestead Title, Mister Plumber, LLC. Corbec Media offers a full range of options, from digital advertising to email newsletters.

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Bonus Tip – Post your message on Alignable – Free sign-up – 10 contacts per month, promotions, networking (similar to LinkedIn).

Corbec Media, LLC has been helping businesses deliver their message about COVID-19 since March at no charge – below is a promotion we posted on Alignable.

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